Chill pill 放鬆一下


Image caption Are any of these tablets 'chill pills'?

The script of this programme 本節目台詞

Helen: 大家好歡迎收聽地道英語,我是 Helen,和我在一起的是...

Rob: ...and me, Rob. Hello! Err, Helen are you feeling OK? You're looking a bit tired.

Helen: I am. I haven't been sleeping very well. 我有很多考試前的複習呀!

Rob: I'm sure you'll be fine.

Helen: I don't know. I've got assignments to write, exams to take - and look at my house, it's a mess, I've got to tidy up.

Rob: Calm down Helen. Anyway, when are your exams?

Helen: In three months' time! 還有三個月我就得考試啦。

Rob: Three months?! That's ages. Helen, you need to take a chill pill!

Helen: 一片冷卻藥? Oh right, let's have a look (she looks through her box of medicines)... paracetamol... aspirin... no - I haven't got any chill pills.

Rob: You won't find them in there Helen. Chill pills aren't real. When you tell someone to take a chill pill, you are telling them to calm down and relax. So Helen... relax... chill!

Helen: Oh right, thanks. 所謂了冷卻藥片並不是真正的藥。這個說法是讓一個處於極度緊張狀態下的人,平靜一些放鬆一下。So the doctor isn't going to give me one?

Rob: Well, I'm sure he could give you something to help you relax but this idiom is just a saying to give someone some friendly advice, as you can hear in these examples...


  • Stop shouting at the referee and take a chill pill!
  • She was getting so stressed about what her boss said to her that I told her to just take a chill pill – everything would be fine.
  • My wife's working so hard, she needs to take a chill pill, otherwise she'll make herself ill.

Helen: 好的。現在我們對這個短語的意思都十分清楚了。一句話,平靜心情,放鬆思想。好吧 。You're right Rob, I will take a chill pill 讓自己感覺輕輕鬆松...

Rob: Chill out? That's good to hear.

Helen: Yes, in fact I think I'll go shopping, get my hair done, maybe book a holiday... there's no point worrying about some silly exams is there? See you later Rob.

Rob: Hold on Helen! I think perhaps you've taken too many chill pills? I mean, these are quite important exams and you need good grades if you want to get a better job...

Helen: Oh relax Rob... you know what you need to take?

Rob: A chill pill?

Helen: You said it!

Both: Bye!