To go around the houses 拐彎抹角的問問題


Image caption Why won't Rob's car be 'going around the houses'?!

The script of this programme 本節目台詞

Feifei: 大家好,歡迎收聽由BBC製作的《地道英語》節目。我是馮菲菲,還有我的搭檔...

Rob: ...and me, Rob. Hello!

Feifei: Rob, I've been meaning to ask... you've got a car haven't you? 我想借用 Rob 的車,但不知道怎麼開口是好。

Rob: Err... yes I have, Feifei.

Feifei: Is it quite a... special car? You know, a valuable, expensive one?

Rob: No no, it's just an old car - but it gets me around. Why are you asking?

Feifei: Oh no reason... 要不我問問他的車是不是經常開?You don't use it much, do you?

Rob: No... Feifei, there's no need to go around the houses - just say what you want to say.

Feifei: OK... can I borrow your car please? But don't worry, I won't take it around the houses - I just want to go to the supermarket.

Rob: Ha! Feifei when I said there's no need 'to go around the houses', I wasn't referring to where you drive my car. I mean, you don't have to waste time saying lots of unimportant things before you actually say what you want to say.

Feifei: 哦,我明白了。在英語裏,我們用 go around the houses 來形容一個人拐彎抹角的、不直截了當地問問題或浪費時間在做很多無用功。這麼一說,Rob 其實就是讓我直截了當的說想說的話,Rob, you mean I should get to the point?

Rob: Yes, that's another way of putting it. Basically it means you take a long time to say or do something, when in reality it can be done or said a lot quicker. Let's hear some examples of the phrase 'to go around the houses' in action...


Don't go around the houses: just tell me straight, what have you done?

He went all around the houses talking about the match but all I wanted to know was who won?

I didn't know how to tell him he'd failed his exams so I went all around the houses before I let him know.

Feifei: 所以,短語 to go around the houses 常被用來形容旁敲側擊的、拐一大圈兒問問題。Rob, you haven't answered my question yet.

Rob: Err, what was the question?

Feifei: Can I borrow your car... please?

Rob: Oh well, erm, I need to fill it up with petrol...

Feifei: Oh right...

Rob: And I need to drive to work...

Feifei: But that's not until Monday!

Rob: And it's not very tidy inside...

Feifei: Rob - don't go around the houses - your answer is 'no' isn't it?

Rob: Yes Feifei. You can't borrow it. I crashed it last week - nobody can drive it!

Feifei: Well, you certainly won't be going round any houses then Rob!

Rob: Very funny Feifei.

Both: Bye!