All over the place 一塌糊塗,遍地都是


Image caption Time to get organised?

The script of this programme 本節目台詞

Neil: Hello, and welcome to Authentic Real English. I'm Neil and… er… where is it?…With me is…

Feifei: Here with you is… Feifei. 你找什麼呢,Neil?

Neil: …I'm looking for my script...

Feifei: 又在找稿子?

Neil: Yes… and… my pen… I had that a moment ago too… where's it gone?

Feifei: What's going on with you, Neil? 你說說你,怎麼這麼亂啊。You're all over the place today!

Neil: Yes, I am! That's a good expression: all over the place.

Feifei: All over the place 這個表達可以用來形容一個人無比困惑,丟三落四、亂七八糟的,看上去一塌糊塗;也可以用來描述東西物品擺放的雜亂無章,到處都是。

Neil: And here are some examples of how this expression is used:


  • Don't expect Simon to help you with your report. He's all over the place right now - he can't even finish his own work.
  • What a windy day. My hair's all over the place!

Neil: Well Feifei, I'm afraid I am a bit disorganised today. You know I woke up late, I missed my bus and… well the day has just been a bit difficult. I am all over the place…and… where is it…

Feifei: 現在又在找什麼?

Neil: I still haven't found my script.

Feifei: Is it this one?

Neil: Ah! That's it! Yes! Great.

Feifei: And here's your pen. It was on the floor.

Neil: Good! So I'm ready to start the programme now.

Feifei: The programme's finished, Neil. It's done.

Neil: Oh, is it? So… we can go now? I could really do with a coffee, Feifei.

Feifei: Yes – it will do you good. Let's go.

Both: Bye!