A sticky situation 尷尬窘境


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Image caption Do you need glue to cause a sticky situation?

The script of this programme 本節目台詞

Feifei: 歡迎收聽BBC英語教學為你製作的《地道英語》節目。大家好,我是馮菲菲。Rob... Rob? Where's Rob?

Rob: (Door opens) Oh hi Feifei... you couldn't lend me £10 could you?

Feifei: Rob! 你來晚了,不趕快開始錄節目,反而問我借錢,你這都哪跟哪兒呀?You're supposed to be presenting this programme. Anyway, what do you want £10 for? And what's that... stuff all over your clothes?

Rob: Well, I was running to get to the studio and I bumped into a woman.

Feifei: Right... So, what do you need £10 for? Your laundry bill?

Rob: No, she dropped a big box she was carrying and said I would have to pay for the damage - and if I didn't, her daughter would be really upset!

Feifei: Oh! Rob 不小心撞到了一位女士,惹了點小麻煩。He is in a sticky situation. Rob 遇到了一個棘手的情況。

Rob: Well, that's true. You mean I'm in a situation that is difficult to get out of?

Feifei: Exactly. 給你10鎊前,你快去解決你的問題把。Now you can go and un-stick the situation!

Rob: Thanks Feifei. I think we should hear some examples of this phrase while I go and pay the woman...


  • I'm in a sticky situation: I said I'd go to the cinema with Pete but I've also promised to go for a drink with John.
  • It was a sticky situation - neither side would agree on who caused the accident.
  • We're in a sticky situation - We've got to catch the train but we haven't got enough money to buy a ticket.

Feifei: 短語 a sticky situation 指的是一個困難的、另人尷尬的又很棘手、敏感的局面。(Door opens again) Ah, Rob you're back...

Rob: ...yes, yes. She's happy now and is going back to the bakery again.

Feifei: The bakery? Why what was in the box she was carrying?

Rob: A big birthday cake for her daughter.

Feifei: Oh no, you were in a sticky situation in more ways than one!

Rob: I suppose I was.

Both: Bye.