Cold sore virus 'treats skin cancer' 皰疹病毒可用來治療皮膚癌

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Image caption Melanoma kills thousands of people every year

研究人員稱,一種引起感冒皰疹的病毒在經過轉變後很有可能對治癒皮膚癌有所幫助。這種變體病毒對正常細胞是無害的,但當其被注射進腫瘤後,它會釋放出一種抗癌物質。以下是 Michelle Roberts 的報道:


Although it's not yet being licenced, doctor are excited about the very real prospect of a brand new type of treatment for advanced melanoma. T-Vec is unique, using a virus to enter and kill cancerous cells.

This latest study in the Journal of Clinical Oncology is the largest ever randomised trial of an anti-cancer virus. It involved 436 patients with inoperable tumours and showed that T-Vec injections could lengthen survival by years, but only for some.

Researchers now want to do more studies to help better identify which patients might benefit from the treatment and whether it should be used alongside other melanoma drugs that are already approved.