Cyberbullying 網絡欺凌


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Image caption Before you write something, remember there's a human being behind that screen

The script of this programme 本節目台詞

Rob: Hello and welcome to Authentic Real English with me Rob…

Feifei: …and me Feifei. 歡迎大家收聽有BBC英語教學製作的《地道英語》節目。

Rob: In this programme, we're talking about an expression that's appeared in this age of the internet. And it's connected to social media. So Feifei do you communicate with other people a lot on social media?

Feifei: Yes, I do. 我和我的朋友們會通過社交網站保持聯絡,不過陌生人也會在這個摸不著的虛擬空間裏交流互動。可是有那麼些人特別 mean 尖酸刻薄,寫下攻擊性的留言毫無理由的故意傷害他人。這種行為真讓人討厭!

Rob: We call this cyberbullying. That's a form of bullying in which people harass and harm other people online deliberately. And unlike the traditional bully, the electronic bully can remain anonymous. So we don't know who they are.

Feifei: Cyberbullying 網絡欺凌。這個概念指的是人們通過互聯網對個人或群體的惡意、重覆傷害行為。隨著社交網站的盛行,一些人故意通過網絡散播關於他人的謠言、謊言。

Rob: Yes. It's becoming very common among teenagers these days. There are campaigns against cyberbullying and some places have adopted laws to prevent it. Let's hear examples of how this expression is used.


  • Kate is a victim of cyberbullying. It's so bad she doesn't want to leave the house. Someone from school has put messages on social media saying she's ugly and she should die. It's terrible!
  • Experts say people should protect themselves from cyberbullying by not taking everything to heart.

Feifei: Well, this last example includes some good advice.

Rob: Indeed. Experts advise you not to give out your own or friends' personal information and know how to block or report people who behave in an improper way.

Feifei: 在這裏,我們還是要提醒大家在互聯網上和他人交流要慎重。And when you send messages to people, be careful about what you write and post online. And don't share an unkind personal comment or image. Remember that though you think you have just a computer in front of you, on the other side of the screen there is a real human being.

Rob: So be safe and happy online. And enjoy social media.

Both: Bye!