Me time 私人專屬時間


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Image caption Are you tired of doing everything for others? Take some me time!

The script of this programme 本節目台詞

Feifei: 歡迎收聽BBC英語教學製作的《地道英語》節目。大家好,我是馮菲菲。

Rob: …and me, Rob. Hello. I'm afraid I won't be here for long, Feifei.

Feifei: Why? What's happened, Rob?

Rob: Well, I have so much to do. I have to write some texts, I am presenting this and two other programmes, and … yes, I have to upload material to our website…

Feifei: That's a lot to do, and you look stressed.

Rob: Yeah. It's not just that… I have to take my son to school, my cat to the vet, buy my wife a birthday present...

Feifei: Rob, 你也太忙了點兒吧。You need some 'me time'!

Rob: Oh yes, I do! That would be brilliant! Me time is an expression which means time we have for ourselves to do just what we want. Yes, I really do need some me time.

Feifei: Me time 這個表達的意思是屬於自己的、用來放鬆的、做自己想做的事情的私人時間。下面我們來聽幾個使用 me time 的例句。


  • I've just sent my mum to a spa in the countryside. She's been taking care of the whole family and is really in need of some me time!
  • A: Oh, six in the morning! I'm going to be late for work!
  • B: Ignore the alarm clock today. It's Sunday! Stay in bed till late and have some me time.

Feifei: 哎,我覺得 Rob 的生活這夠忙碌的,要不我做個好人給他點兒「私人時間」。You know, Rob, these examples have inspired me so much that I'll let you have some me time for the rest of the programme.

Rob: Really?!

Feifei: Yes. What do you like to do to relax?

Rob: Well… I'd like to …

Feifei: Yes?

Rob: What I'd like, I'd really really like is… to take a nap. And now I'm going to do just that. OK. Thanks Feifei. Bye everyone!

Feifei: Rob? Rob? 睡著了,咱們就讓他安靜的休息會兒吧。謝謝大家收聽,我們下次再會。Bye!