Skinny jeans 'bad for your health' 窄腿緊身牛仔褲有礙健康

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Image caption Skinny jeans look good, but are they harmful?

醫生表示,窄腿牛仔褲可能會傷害你的腿。一篇最新發表在《神經學、神經外科學和精神病醫學期刊》的報告說,一位身著窄腿緊身牛仔褲的澳大利亞女士 由於腿腳腫脹麻木,疼痛無比被送往醫院接受治療,她的腿腫脹到無法脫下身穿的牛仔褲,醫生不得不先用剪刀剪開她穿的褲子後才能對她進行入院治療。以下是 Richard Slee 的報道。


The 35-year-old woman had to be cut out of her jeans after she lost the feeling in her lower legs, which had become badly swollen.

The doctors said the tight jeans had caused a loss of blood supply as well as muscle and nerve damage.

The case study, which is published in an online medical journal, says the woman had spent the previous day helping a relative move house and a number of hours squatting as she emptied cupboards, feeling more uncomfortable as the day progressed.

The woman was treated in hospital for four days and is now thought to have made a full recovery.