Words for underwear 表示內衣褲的詞語


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Image caption You wear them under your normal clothes: these are smalls and undies

The script of this programme 本節目台詞

Neil: Hello and welcome to Authentic Real English with me Neil...

Li: ...and me Li. Hello.

Neil: In this programme, we're talking about clothes.

Li: (very excited) 衣服! 這可是我最喜歡的話題了 my favourite subject in the whole world! 我通曉所有的名牌,也都穿過。咱們就來談談我的衣服吧 let's talk about MY clothes.

Neil: Well... actually Li, I thought we could talk about our smalls.

Li: Smalls 小衣服?你認為我穿的衣服太小?你不是在說我胖吧?

Neil: No, no Li. You look fine. 'Smalls' is a word we use for underwear.

Li: Smalls 內衣褲。這麼說你是在談論女人和男人內褲啦、襪子啦還有女人帶的胸罩啦什麼的...

Neil: Yes. And we can refer to our underwear as 'smalls' or 'undies'.

Li: Undies 內衣內褲。這倒挺容易記的,因為 undies 就是我們穿在外衣裏面的衣服。

Neil: Two easy words to remember when you talk about underwear. And remember they are always plural.

Li: I see. 這兩個詞永遠都是以複數形式出現,所以決不能說 one undie 或者 one small. 記住這兩個詞是統稱的內衣褲所以要加複數。

Neil: Yes. Let's hear some examples of how these words are used.


  • Linda, hurry up or we'll miss the plane! Don't forget to pack your smalls!
  • Billy, don't walk around the house in your undies. Your granny is coming to visit and she'll be here at any time.

Neil: Now don't forget that these words for underwear are very informal and British slang.

Li: 請大家記住這兩個詞是非正式用語,而且屬於英語中的俚語。Well, smalls and undies can look good too - even if not many people will see them.

Neil: Oh, you want to talk about fashion now.

Li: Of course. I love fashion! Do you love fashion, Neil?

Neil: Er... not much... no.

Li: Come on! Come on, Neil! Let's go shopping! I can help you choose the trendiest clothes... you've got to have style. Let's go! Come on!

Neil: OK. OK.

Li: Bye!