Scream your head off 大聲狂叫

A woman screaming Image copyright think stock
Image caption Screaming sometimes helps us to release frustration


短語 scream one's head off 的意思是「長時間的大聲狂叫」。


In Edvard Munch's painting the figure is screaming his head off in despair.

When my mother saw the mouse on the kitchen floor, she started screaming her head off!

My friend's baby was screaming his head off in the restaurant. I think he was hungry.


和短語 scream your head off 的使用方法相似,laugh your head off 的意思是「長時間的放聲大笑」。


I was laughing my head off while watching the film. That actor is so funny.

Lucy likes Paul a lot. She's always laughing her head off when she's with him.