Selfie ban at festival in India 印度禁止民眾在節日慶典活動自拍

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印度官方宣佈禁止民眾在重大節日慶典中自拍以防止踩踏事件的發生。此規定在大壺節(Kumbh Mela)開始實行。大壺節每三年舉行一次,是重要的印度教慶典活動。以下是 Charles Haviland 的報道。

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Image caption Taking selfies has been banned at a religious festival in India


The Kumbh Mela is currently under way at two venues in Maharashtra state with nearly three million Hindus attending.

For any pilgrim its culmination is the so-called royal bath in a river deemed sacred. It's during this bathing, which starts in just under two weeks' time, that selfies are being banned.

A special investigation team says people get too engrossed with their phone cameras and stop moving for too long. That leads to pushing, and sometimes panic. But an official says selfies will still be allowed on other days so as not to detract from the festive mood.