Pronunciation /æ/ /e/ /ei/ 三個發音類似的元音


In this programme, we are going to explore three vowels: /æ/,/e/,/ei/.

You might wonder if this is going to be a boring pronunciation lesson. But actually, you are in for a treat! We will teach you how to learn pronunciation in a fun way by using lots of tongue twisters.

Take a look at these sentences:

  • The fat cat had an uncanny way of catching rats.
  • Sam ran after the tram to escape the traffic jam.
  • Never trust a layman to buy you a computer, or you will end up with a lemon.
  • Don't wait there in wet clothes, and don't sell sails when it』s raining.
  • The rain in Wales in April and May makes people stay away!

Can you say them quickly with the correct pronunciation?

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