The word 'issue' 單詞用法詳解


就像漢語裏的詞一樣,有些用法是常見的,有些則是罕見的。 Issue 這個詞總共有近三十個意思,但很多並不常用。今天要向大家介紹的是 issue 在媒體和日常交流中出現頻率最高的用法,其中包括兩個作名詞的用法,兩個作為動詞的用法,還有以下三個固定短語。你能分辨它們都是什麼意思嗎?

At issue

I would like to hear from everyone what your view is on the question at issue.

To make an issue of something

The only people who are making an issue of this story are the media.

To take issue with something/somebody

She has been taking issue with me since I raised some doubts about her proposal.

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