Restore, refresh, renew and renovate 以Re開頭的四個動詞


我們先來看看 restore,refresh,renew and renovate 有什麼共同特點?回答是,它們都以 「re」 開頭。「Re」 是個英語前綴,在很多情況下都表示「重新」,「重覆」或 「再」的意思。比如 reopen, redecorate 和 remarry 等等。

掌握詞綴能幫助我們擴展英語詞匯,提高閱讀理解能力。不過前綴的意思並不總是一樣的,就拿 restore,refresh,renew and renovate 來說吧,每個詞的含義和用法並不完全一樣。要不你來試試看,用 restore,refresh,renew 或 renovate 來完成下面四句話。答案在節目文字稿例句中。

1. The government is trying to _________ public confidence in its education policy.

2. His words _________ my memory of his son going to the same school as my daughter.

3. They are going to _________ the old furniture.

4. The gym is brilliant I'm going to _________ my membership for sure.

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