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Photo gallery: Paralympics opening ceremony

  • A member of the cast 演出團隊 performs with fire during the opening ceremony for the 2012 Paralympics in London.
  • The story of Miranda from Shakespeare」s The Tempest was the theme 主題 of the opening ceremony. She was led through centuries of scientific discoveries.
  • A large-scale replica 大型複製品 of Marc Quinn」s sculpture, "Alison Lapper Pregnant 懷孕", emerges 出現 from the book stage during the opening ceremony 開幕式。
  • The fireworks were seen miles away 很遠的地方, lighting up east London」s skyline.
  • Margaret Maughan lit up the Paralympics cauldron 大型火炬, the 84-year-old was Britain」s first gold medallist at the inaugural 首屆 Paralympic Games in Rome in 1960, winning her event in archery 射箭。
  • This image was taken with a fish-eye lens 魚眼鏡頭; it distorts 扭曲 the picture and gives a very unusual 不尋常的 view of the stadium.

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