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Photo gallery: Paralympics

  • Duan Li of China prepares to compete in the Men」s Triple Jump 三級跳遠F11 Final at the London 2012 Paralympic Games. The F11 category refers to blind or visually impaired 有視覺障礙的 athletes competing in the field. They rely on 依靠 their guide to give them verbal directions on the track. (Photo by Getty)
  • Zhao Xu, left, of China with Yury Nosulenko of Russia compete in a Men」s 100m T46 category heat. T46 means the athletes are competing in a track event with an impairment that affects their arms. (Photo by AP)
  • China」s Song Maodang, left, and Britain」s Sam Hynd prepare ahead of competing in the men」s 100m Freestyle S8 event at the 2012 Paralympics. In the classification, S refers to freestyle 自由泳, butterfly 蝶泳 or backstroke 仰泳 events, and the number 8 tells us the level of disability. (Photo by AP)
  • China played Egypt in the Men」s Sitting Volleyball 坐式排球 5-8 Classification match. In this event, athletes with a physical impairment are allowed to compete. (Photo by Getty)
  • Sini Zeng of China crosses the finish line to win gold in the Women」s Individual C1-3 road race. In this category, athletes with an impairment that affects their legs, arms and/or trunk are competing using a standard bicycle. (Photo by Getty)
  • Great Britain」s Tom Hall Butcher, right, in action against China」s Jianquan Tian in the Men」s Individual Sabre 男子個人佩劍 event at the ExCel Arena, London. (Photo by PA)
  • Junquan He of China prepares to compete in the Men」s 50m Backstroke - S5 heat. Without arms, he holds his starting position 開始的姿勢 with a towel in his mouth. (Photo by Getty)

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