Punch and Judy 著名木偶戲《潘趣和朱迪》350年大慶

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Audio: Punch and Judy 著名木偶戲《潘趣和朱迪》350年大慶

An On the Town programme about the Punch and Judy puppet show.




Konrad Fredericks with the Punch and Judy puppets and stage

Konrad Fredericks with his Punch and Judy stage and all the puppets

Can you imagine that seven puppets can grab the attention of hundreds of people and make them happy or sad? Well, that」s Punch and Judy - a popular puppet show that has been going for at least 350 years.

Although it started from Covent Garden in London, it has certainly become one of the most popular shows across the whole of the UK. It has become part of British culture.

So what is it that makes Punch and Judy so famous and so lovable? Why does it appeal to both children and adults? Why do people from a completely different language background, such as a Chinese audience, appreciate the art of Punch and Judy just as much as English speakers?

Konrad Fredericks, a professional artist, told Yang Li that performing the Punch and Judy show is a wonderful experience.

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