This week in the British Isles 本周英倫圖輯

更新時間 2012年 11月 2日, 星期五 - 格林尼治標準時間16:51

Pictures of the week

  • cheetah cubs
    Three fluffy 毛茸茸的 cheetah cubs 小獵豹 experiencing their first Halloween by playing with a pumpkin to celebrate the event. (Photo by PA)
  • lit up lanterns
    These shining cases form part of the performances at the Halloween Lantern Carnival 萬聖節燈火遊行 in Liverpool. (Photo by PA)
  • Giant pumkin
    This giant pumpkin weighing 1,160lbs (526kg), the equivalent of 相當於about five baby elephants, went on display in York, North East England. (Photo by PA)
  • Monster
    Children were delighted by this giant monster at a Halloween party London. (Photo by PA)
  • This is the real wolf man, Jesus 「Chuy」 Aceves, he」s a member of the Circus of Horrors. He has a rare skin condition 皮膚病which means the hair on his face is real. (Photo by Getty)
  • Fancy makeup
    Inside out! This lady has put in a lot of effort to make us scared. (Photo by PA)

More Multimedia

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