Team meeting 团队会议

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Episode 20 – Team meeting 團隊會議

An office meeting has beenscheduled, but Paul is running late. He's asked Anna to take charge and start the meeting without him.

She has to learn how to structure a meeting but just as she does, Paul arrives with some exciting news for Anna.

Glossary 詞匯

Language for setting an agenda at a meeting 設定會議章程所用到的詞匯

This week's programme focuses on explaining the structure of a meeting.

Phrases from the programme: 本期節目中出現的詞匯

There are four items on the agenda today. 今天會議日程上有四項內容。

Firstly... 第一點

Secondly... 第二點

After that... 然後是

Then... 接著是

And finally...最後

Any other business. 還有其他事情需要討論的?

And then we can wrap up. 我們可以結束了