Asking for help 请求帮助用语

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Episode 21 – Don't panic! 別慌!

The staff at Tip Top Trading are gossiping about Paul's announcement that Anna is to lead the company's new stock management system for the new laser-curved fruit.

Meanwhile, she is worrying about what to do and gets some useful advice from an unlikely member of the team.

Glossary 詞匯

Language for asking for help 請求幫助用語

This week's programme focuses on politely asking for help and advice.

Phrases from the programme 本期節目中出現的詞匯:

I would be most grateful if you could give me some help. 如果你能幫忙那麼我將非常感激。

Please could I ask you for some advice? 請問你能不能給我提些建議?

I know you're busy but could you spare me a few minutes of your time please? 我知道你很忙,不過能不能佔用你幾分鐘時間?