The power struggle 權力爭奪

更新時間 2012年 10月 17日, 星期三 - 格林尼治標準時間10:12
Anna, Tom and Rachel

How will Anna get on with her new colleague Rachel?

Audio: The power struggle 權力爭奪

An English at Work programme about working with new colleagues.




Episode 36: Working with someone new 與新同事工作

Anna's just back from France where everything went really well. But she's in for a surprise. Rachel, the woman who Mr Socrates recommended, has arrived. Could this be the beginning of a beautiful working relationship or will there be trouble?


Rachel 猜想新客戶訂的是什麼塑料水果產品?


Glossary 詞匯

This week's programme focuses on the language to use when you're trying to work with someone new.

Phrases from the programme: 在節目中出現的表達:

I understand you have lots of experience so I would like to use your skills to help with the task. 我知道你有很多相關的工作經驗,所以希望你在這個項目上能給我們幫助。

Together we can do this job really well. 我們一起努力,一定能做得很棒。

Let's discuss this so we can agree on a plan of action. 讓我們一起討論一下,再決定下一步的行動計劃。

Please respect my decision and let's move on. 請你尊重我的決定,我們繼續下一步計劃的討論。


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