Face-to-face 面對面

更新時間 2013年 1月 9日, 星期三 - 格林尼治標準時間10:35

Paul is worried about what Mr Socrates is going to say

Audio: Face-to-face 面對面

An English at Work programme about networking.




Episode 48: Language to use when networking 參加人際網絡聯繫時用的語言

It's the big day of the International Plastics Conference and a good opportunity for the staff at Tip Top Trading to promote its business. Mr Socrates, the big boss from America, is also there and he wants a quiet word with Paul. What does he have to say?


Anna 在展會上碰到的那位女士是在哪家公司工作?


Glossary 詞匯

This week's programme focuses on the language that you might use when you are trying to make new business contacts at a conference.

Phrases from the programme:

Excuse me, hello, I'm Anna. I work as a Sales Executive at Tip Top Trading. 您好,我是 Anna. 我是 Tip Top 貿易公司的銷售經理。

Can you tell me about your company? 您能告訴我您的公司是做什麼的嗎?

Can I briefly tell you about what our company does? 我可以簡單介紹一下我們公司的業務嗎?

I think we might be able to help you. 我想我們能幫到您。

Here's my business card should you want to call. 如果您有什麼需要,這是我的名片,可以隨時打電話給我。


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