Award winning! 獲獎了!

更新時間 2013年 1月 16日, 星期三 - 格林尼治標準時間11:14
Mr Socrates presenting an award

Will Tip Top Trading win the award?

Audio: Award winning! 獲獎了!

An English at Work programme about award speeches.




Episode 49: Language to use when accepting an award 在受獎發言時使用的套語

Paul, Anna and Tom are at an important International Plastics Conference. It's been a busy day of networking but the big boss from America, Mr Socrates, has told Paul some bad news. Before he tells the team, there is an important award to be won - the Plastic Innovation of the Year award. Will Tip Top Trading win it?


Tip Top 貿易公司以什麼產品贏得了年度塑料創新獎?


Glossary 詞匯

This week's programme focuses on the language that you might use if you win an award and have to make an acceptance speech.

Phrases from the programme:

Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of everyone at Tip Top Trading, thank you for our Award. 女士們先生們,我代表 Tip Top 貿易公司的全體員工感謝大家授予我們的這一獎項。

Our company is at the forefront of plastic innovation. 我們公司始終站在塑料產品的創新前沿。

This award is a real boost for everyone working at the company. 這項殊榮對公司的每一個人都是一個巨大的激勵。

This award really means a lot to us. 這個獎項對我們來說非常重要。


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