Eating humble pie 屈尊

更新時間 2013年 2月 20日, 星期三 - 格林尼治標準時間15:00
Paul, Anna and Tom

Who is going to call Denise?

Audio: Eating humble pie 屈尊

An English at Work programme about the language to use when you need to stand your ground.




Episode 54: Language to use when you need to stand your ground 據理力爭用語:

There is chaos at the offices of Tip Top Trading. Now Denise has left the company, the place is a mess and important phone messages are being lost. What can be done to make things better? I think we know the answer!


Paul 對 Denise 說他一直在重新思考什麼?

Glossary 詞匯

This week's programme focuses on the language that you might use when you are asked to do something that isn't your responsibility:

Phrases from the programme:

You're the boss and I think the news is better coming from you. 你是老闆,最好是從你親自出面。你還可以提醒他。

It was your decision so you need to explain the situation. 當初的決定是你做了,現在你需要對此做出解釋。別忘了提醒他。

This is your responsibility. 這是你的責任。你可以建議他這麼說。

I'm sorry, I made a mistake and we would love to have you back. 對不起是我做錯了決定,現在我們都希望你能回來。

And here are some phrases your boss might use to apologise:

I've been rethinking our staffing situation in the office. 我一直在重新思考辦公室的人員配置問題

Sorry, I made a mistake. I miscalculated my staffing numbers. 對不起是我的錯,我錯估了人員配備

I would love to have you back in the office. 我非常希望你能回公司來。


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