Lingohack - урок англійської із заголовків
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Lingohack - урок англійської із заголовків

Цього тижня в уроці Lingohack - англійській із заголовків телевізійних новин - вчимо нові слова, які для нас вибрали лінгвісти відділу ВВС Learning English.


  • The growth of the National Front in France
  • David Hockney in Tate Britain retrospective
  • Disabled cast put on a Manchester show


Hayange is not a place given to metaphors, but memories. The relics of its shattered steel furnaces stand sentry to a new political age. Communists and socialists used to run this place together, but unemployment here has soared by 75% in the past decade and in its wake has come the Front National. Hayange now has an FN mayor - himself once a union man from the far left. The party presents itself as defending France's forgotten ones against crime, immigration and economic change.

It's a vibrant world of colour. Sun-soaked Californian pools through to grey Yorkshire skies. Those glasses, the mop of blond hair… David Hockney is instantly recognisable - a brightly coloured star of British art for more than 50 years. And this is his life in paint. It's certainly comprehensive - in fact, one of the first things that strikes you is just how big this exhibition is. There it is: 13 rooms; 200 works of art; 57 years. It's a life spent looking, thinking, puzzling about that most basically artistic problem: how to capture what we see…

These actors have taken on an almighty task. Not only is this play a difficult one to get right, there's the added complexity that comes with making a production accessible. This play - The House of Bernarda Alba, by Lorca - features an all-female and pretty much all-deaf-and-disabled cast. When it comes to physical access, Manchester's Royal Exchange is sorted. Lifts and ramps are already part of the theatre. But to help deaf audience members, screens are being put up and changes to the script will help blind people understand the action.

Cлова і пояснення:

  • relics - реліквії, залишки з минулого, які збереглися до наших днів
  • comprehensive - комплексний, всеосяжний (так зокрема англійською окреслюють Угоду про зону вільної торгівлі між ЄС і Україною!)
  • sorted - готовий, організований

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