Новий Lingohack - урок англійської на основі новин
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Новий Lingohack - урок англійської на основі новин

Новий Lingohack - урок англійської на основі заголовків теленовин ВВС. Лінгвісти ВВС Learning English пропонують приклади вживання слів, які пролунали в заголовках.


  • Trump's national security adviser resigns
  • Australia's campaign to ban fake aboriginal art
  • Music good enough to eat


They were oh, so close - politically inseparable. But after just three weeks as national security adviser, Michael Flynn has gone in a stunning fall from grace, after a day of chaos and confusion at the White House. The Republican leadership, always uncomfortable about the unorthodox general, were relieved to see him go.

Millions of people visit Australia every year. Many want to take a souvenir home with them and what could be more authentic, more Australian, than a boomerang? These two come with aboriginal-looking designs, but both are fake, both imported from Indonesia. The trade in rip-off goods led to calls for a new law in Australia to stop the import and sale of imitation art.

Are they preparing a salad? No, these are musicians from the Vienna Vegetable Orchestra. With instruments good enough to eat, they have been helping to celebrate the centenary of Madrid's famous San Miguel Market. Founded in the Austrian capital in 1998, the orchestra has travelled the world performing their unusual take on a range of musical styles to curious audiences.

Корисні слова, вислови і пояснення:

  • fall from grace - втрата статусу і поваги
  • rip-off goods - товари, які є другосортними імітаціями інших, дорожчих
  • a range of - низка, розмаїття, набір

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