Новий тиждень - новий Lingohack

Новий тиждень - новий Lingohack

Новий Lingohack - урок англійської мови на основі заголовків теленовин ВВС. Лінгвісти ВВС Learning English пропонують тематичну лексику тижня.


  • Indian perfume firm offers jobs for the blind
  • Slippery bottle solves a sticky problem
  • Women prepare for South Pole trek


India has among the largest number of blind people in the world. According to government figures, more than five million people in the country are visually impaired. The country has few employment opportunities for them, but now a private firm in Mumbai is training blind people to work in perfume and fragrance companies. They tend to be suited to this kind of work because of their keen sense of smell.

It's something we've all struggled with - how to get that last drop of ketchup out of a bottle. Here at MIT they've developed this clever new technology. The container has been specially engineered to enable the ketchup or any other sticky liquid to slip out easily. Scientists coat the inside with a rough surface. They then put a thin layer over it and they cover that with a liquid which fills in the troughs and forms a very slippery surface. This coating process could cut huge amounts of waste.

The Ice Maiden team is heading out across a frozen Norwegian lake at the start of its final training exercise. In September these soldiers will begin their historic journey hoping they'll succeed and inspire a generation of women. Home for the next few weeks and for the 80 days of the expedition will be a small tent. It will be the bedroom, living room and kitchen.

Корисні слова і пояснення:

  • visually impaired - той, хто потерпає від часткової або повної втрати зору
  • engineered - спроектований і побудований з якоюсь метою
  • heading out - вирушати, рухатися в якомусь напрямку

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