Новий тиждень - новий Lingohack
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Новий тиждень - новий Lingohack

У новому уроці англійської мови на основі заголовків теленовин ВВС Lingohack лінгвісти відділу Learning English пропонують тематичну лексику тижня.


  • Researchers develop lip-reading machine
  • More women in the UK working into their 70s
  • Italian woman first to manage male football team


In Oxford, research is underway to teach computers the difficult art of lip-reading. It involved training an artificial intelligence system using thousands of hours of BBC News programmes. Right now, the technology only works on full sentences in recorded clips. The next stage is to make it work live.

The proportion of women who don't stop working until past 70 has grown from one in 20 four years ago to more than one in 10 last year. It's doubled. There are still more men than women working into their 70s, but what stands out is the dramatic increase in the number of women and at least part of the reason for that is money.

Italy's Patrizia Panico is making history this week. She's the first woman football coach of a male Italian side. She is leading Italy's under-16 team in two friendlies against Germany. At 42, she's a retired footballer herself - she scored 110 goals for Italy in over 200 matches. Patrizia Panico hopes that her career inspires other women.

Корисні слова і пояснення:

  • underway - діється, проходить, дія у процесі
  • stands out - вирізняється, впадає в око
  • making history- творить щось досі небачене, щось унікальне

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