Lingohack - англійська на основі заголовків новин
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Lingohack - англійська на основі заголовків новин

Новий Lingohack - урок англійської мови на основі заголовків новин тижня. Лінгвісти BBC Learning English пропонують актуальну лексику тижня.


  • London to build super-sewer
  • Harry Potter fans do yoga with a magical twist
  • Pets in the office? Some UK firms welcome them


Around once a week the river Thames becomes a toilet. Thousands of tons of raw sewage are flushed into the water because the old Victorian sewers can't cope. Designed in the 1860s by engineer Joseph Bazalgette, these sewers saved countless lives by helping to stop the spread of cholera. Eight million people live in London today. So, now, they've begun building a new super-sewer. Huge tunnelling machines will be lowered down to bore out a 16-mile sewer under the Thames. Instead of sewage going to into the river - it'll go along the new tunnel.

Welcome to the world of Harry Potter yoga. A group in Toronto, Canada, have put a magical spin on yoga to raise money for charity. The yoga students get their own wand and a lightning bolt scar. The instructors combine yoga movements with passages from Potter stories to help amateur wizards practise their spells.

Brooke, Reggie, Max and Peggy are office buddies at Nestle in Gatwick. The firm's pets at work scheme has proved so popular by the end of the year around a hundred dogs will have passed an assessment to gain their own staff pass. The dogs don't just relieve stress, but also seem to help build office camaraderie.

Корисна лексика і пояснення:

  • tunnelling - тут, для будівництва тунелів під землею
  • put a spin on - показати щось у якомусь певному світлі
  • camaraderie - дружні почуття до когось

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