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Новий Lingohack - англійська із заголовків тижня

Корисна англійська лексика із телезаголовків тижня у випусках новин ВВС - у свіжому уроці Lingohack. Сучасна англійська простісінько з ефіру.


  • Scientists in Germany create world's largest artificial sun
  • 101-year-old Indian runner wins medal
  • English village saves hedgehogs


A cloudy day in rural North Rhine-Westphalia - OK for the coal mines and wind turbines, less so for the solar tower, which is why scientists at the German Aerospace Centre have taken their research indoors. This is the world's largest artificial sun, composed of 149 film projection lights that together emit a beam that is 1,000 times the strength of a regular household bulb and 10,000 times the strength of the sun's rays here on earth - and scientists here can use it to test the solar power instruments of the future.

A 101-year-old Indian woman has won the 100-metre sprint at the World Masters Games in Auckland: the 17th gold medal in the Indian athlete's remarkable career. Participation, rather than racing against the clock, is the priority for Man Kaur. More than 25,000 athletes from 100 countries are taking part in the event.

Residents of Burton Fleming await new arrivals. They are a bit prickly apparently, but in desperate need of a fresh start. From an animal sanctuary 40 miles away, they finally arrived - 52 hedgehogs, all found sick or injured across the north of England. Veronica and her husband Frank from the charity Andrews Hedgehog Hospital. They believe the village of Burton Fleming, now considered 'hedgehog friendly', will give the animals the best chance. Assessing hedgehog numbers is tricky but in the 1950s it's thought there were around 30 million in Britain, but now conservationists believe numbers have plummeted to under one million.

Слова, вислови і пояснення:

  • solar power - сонячна енергія, конвертована в електричний струм
  • remarkable - незвичний, гідний уваги, визначний
  • sanctuary - прихисток, місце безпеки і захисту

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