Новий урок англійської мови Lingohack
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Новий урок англійської мови Lingohack

В мовному уроці Lingohack лінгвісти відділу BBC Learning English пропонують тематичну лексику тижня на основі заголовків теленовин.


  • Statins could be used to treat multiple sclerosis
  • Pollution is damaging Buddha's birthplace in Nepal
  • Meet the 105-year-old man still working


Statins - prescribed to 6 million of us every year to lower cholesterol. But in the coming months, a major new trial will test whether they could help tackle a condition which could wreak devastation on sufferers. Multiple sclerosis causes the immune system to attack the lining of the nerves. A previous smaller study suggested statins did have an impact. This trial will provide much more information.

This is where Buddha was born more than 2,600 years ago. The historic site is a major tourism draw, but many visitors feel uneasy breathing in the air. The sacred site is already a pollution hotspot because dirty air blows in from India, but there's also an industrial area down the road. Scientists have warned that the rising air pollution is already damaging historic artefacts.

Bill Frankland is 105 years old. This Briton fought in World War Two and is still working today. Frankland says his longevity is down to these exercises. He does them every morning, and they take an hour to complete. It's no surprise that this man values fitness - he is a doctor, after all!

Корисні слова і пояснення:

  • condition - хвороба, недуга
  • draw - принада
  • is down to - результат, наслідок

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