Lingohack - урок англійської мови із заголовків
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Lingohack - урок англійської мови із заголовків новин тижня

У цьому мовному уроці лінгвісти ВВС пропонують тематичну лексику з новин, які висвітлювало телебачення ВВС.


  • Manchester shows unity after suicide bombing
  • Could depression be caused by our immune system?
  • British airport to revolutionise air traffic control


In a city so vibrant, after such an act of barbarism, the kindness of strangers is apparent everywhere. The taxi drivers who offered free lifts, the businesses providing food and drink for the emergency services. The sense that the city's people are together, are united, is everywhere you look. Communities determined to stand together. As the messages and the floral tributes grow on the city's streets, the grieving process is just beginning. But already the determination of Manchester's people stands tall.

This team at King's College London are examining physical rather than mental causes for depression. In particular, they're looking at whether the immune system, which is designed to defend our bodies, can be a source of psychological harm. They're looking for bio-markers in patients' blood and saliva that show inflammation - a sign that the immune system is in overdrive.

This is London's City Airport and that's just one of the 300 or so take-offs and landings that happen here every day. And until now, all of those flights have been coordinated by a group of controllers who look out of these windows here. But in the future, those windows are going to be replaced by these high-definition TV screens - controllers won't just see the airport they'll be able to hear it as well. The thing is, this digital control tower is 120 miles away from the airport.

Корисні слова, вислови і пояснення:

  • grieving - жалоба за померлим, оплакування
  • overdrive- стан надмірної активності
  • coordinated - організовано, скоординовано

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