Lingohack - урок англійської з теленовин
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Lingohack - урок англійської з теленовин

У тижневому уроці англійської мови на основі телевізійних заголовків Lingohack вивчаємо тематичну лексику новин з лінгвістами ВВС.


  • Finland's experiment for the unemployed
  • A longer life for coffee drinkers?
  • Beef farmer's happy cows


For many people, unemployment is a sad tune. In an often vicious cycle, low skilled jobs don't pay enough to make it worth getting off the dole, which then makes it hard to gain experience to land a decent job. Since January, two thousand unemployed Finnish people were given the chance to change that. For two years, they're paid 560 euros, or 640 US dollars, a month - regardless of whether they find work or choose not to seek jobs at all. Finland's experiment is arousing global interest in a universal basic income.

We really do take our coffee seriously here. In London, it's no longer a drink associated with life's vices such as cigarettes or alcohol. Researchers at Imperial College London monitored half a million people over 16 years - the effects of coffee were noticeable. Men who drank coffee, on average, lived an extra three months, women an extra one month.

When his father died in 2011, Jay Wilde took the responsibility of running the family farm. For years, he has been concerned about the welfare of his cows and the environmental impact of beef farming. Today, he's doing something about it. Instead of sending animals to slaughter, he has given away his herd of cattle to an animal sanctuary.

Корисні слова і пояснення:

  • vicious cycle - порочне коло, погана ситуація, коли одна проблема викликає наступну
  • vices - погані (шкідливі) звички
  • welfare - добробут, здоров'я і гарне самопочуття

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