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Lingohack - щотижневий урок англійської мови із заголовків теленовин ВВС

Lingohack - свіжий урок англійської мови із заголовків новин тижня.


  • Test may spot glaucoma before symptoms begin, study says
  • Newcastle University researchers create a hand that 'can see'
  • Blade girl goes to school and impresses the playground


Glaucoma is more common as you get older. It affects 600,000 people in the UK. If left untreated, nerve cells in the retina die, leading to sight loss. The new test uses a special fluorescent marker to highlight the failing cells, potentially revolutionising treatment. The trials have involved just 16 people so far, so more research is needed but the London team say these are promising results.

A prosthetic with potential – a bionic hand that for the first time can pick up objects almost instantaneously. Doug is one of a number of amputees trialling this new technology. So how does it work? On the face of it, it’s very simple and down to a 99p webcam. This is still just a prototype. The team are creating a database of everyday objects so eventually it can learn to pick up something it has never seen before.

Now a heart-warming story for you. Remember how it felt when you wore new shoes to school for the first time? Well, how does it feel when it’s not a shoe, but a prosthetic blade? Seven-year-old Anu showed off her new leg to her playground pals here in Britain – they were very impressed.

Корисні слова, вислови і пояснення:

  • marker - щось, що використовують для позначення місця, позначка, маркер
  • amputees - люди, якимм ампутували одну з кінцівок
  • heart-warming - щось, що поліпшує настрій і повертає віру в людство

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