Новий мовний урок Lingohack - англійська мова з теленовин
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Новий мовний урок Lingohack - англійська мова з теленовин

Лінгвісти відділу BBC Learning English пропонують свіжу лексику тижня, вжиту у випусках теленовин.


  • Turkey's rise in C-section births
  • Opera for babies
  • Surfing dogs in California


Around the globe, caesarean section rates have increased dramatically. In Turkey, more than half of babies are born by C-section - the highest rate in the world. That's despite introducing a law five years ago, making elective caesarean sections a punishable offense. The rising age of first-time mothers and multiple births resulting from IVF treatment are often blamed for forsaking the natural birth route. But with increasing awareness about its benefits for healthy mothers, most Turkish women these days hope to give birth naturally.

This is opera for beginners. A shorter show, a more succinct storyline and a chance for the audience to move around. All required when you're not yet two. Welcome to BambinO, the latest show from Scottish Opera aimed fairly and squarely at babies. So far the show has been a big hit at festivals and on tour, not to mention with audiences big and small.

Dogs that'll do anything to please their owners have been proving it in style at the World Dog Surfing Championships in California. They've been jumping onto surfboards and attempting, much like humans do, not to fall off. These pups were competing to be top dog at the competition, which drew a crowd of humans, dogs and even humpback whales.

Корисні слова і пояснення:

  • elective - факультативний, добровільний
  • forsaking - відмовлятися від чогось
  • fairly and squarely - цілковито, повністю
  • top dog - (тут) переможець, найкращий

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