Новий урок англійської Lingohack: наука співу

Новий урок англійської Lingohack: наука співу

У тижневому уроці англійської мови Lingohack вивчаємо лексику на тему слуху і співів.


The science of singing

Вивчаємо лексику на тему:


Корисна лексика:

  • hearing impairment – стан, за якого людина погано чує
  • stimulate – стимулювати, активувати
  • hearing acuity – здатність чути чітко і точно, гострота слуху
  • discriminate – розпізнавати відмінності (між чимось)

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What is measured in Alex's brain to test if singing can benefit his mind?


This music and singing session for children with a hearing impairment experiments with volume, rhythm and the physical feeling of the way the children use their voices.

And with this computer programme they are able to see what their voices are doing, even if they are unable to hear them.

Professor Graham Welch has been studying how singing can help children with severe hearing issues for three years now and says singing can stimulate the brain.

Professor Graham Welch, University College London

"They're all engaged in their singing but they've actually improved in their measurable singing skills and at the same time there is some evidence of impact on their hearing acuity as well, so that they are better able to discriminate sound."

To understand how singing affects the brain, we've invited Alex Stobbs, a musician, to a neotherapy session.

Alex has cystic fibrosis; he undergoes physical therapy every day and long periods of treatment. Nadia Hristopher is a neuropsychologist. First, she measures the electrical activity in Alex's brain while he's resting, then she asks him to sing.

And rested Alex is assessed again. And the results are immediate.

Nadia Hristopher, neuropsychologist

"I mean that shows that theoretically within ten minutes of singing someone can improve clarity of their mind and also perhaps feel emotionally much more uplifted."

Songs often speak or sing of the importance of music to the heart and to the soul, but it can also be of huge benefit to your brain.

Знайшли відповідь?

What is measured in Alex's brain to test if singing can benefit his mind?

A neuropsychologist measures the electrical activity in Alex's brain before and after singing to prove it can help his mind.

А ви знали?

Neuro- is the prefix used to describe anything to do with the brain, nerve or nervous system. For example: neuroscience, neurosurgeon, neuro-therapy.

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