Lingohack - урок англійської про повітроплавання
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Lingohack - урок англійської про повітроплавання

Lingohack - урок англійської про повітряні кулі - легко і невимушено підведе тематичну лексику про повітроплавання.


Hot-air balloon legend

Вивчаємо лексику на тему

Hot-air balloons

Корисна лексика

  • gravity-defying – що відмовляється коритися законам земного тяжіння; здатний літати
  • floating – повільно пересуватися в повітрі
  • gliding – літати без двигуна, тримаючись вітру чи повітряних течій
  • volume – об'єм, простір, уміщений у певному предметі

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What were Don Cameron and his group the first to do?


Don Cameron, Founder, Cameron Balloons

It has a kind of a magical, gravity-defying feeling about it. You can fly much more low [much lower] - near the ground. And you can even talk to people on the ground, and you’re going slow enough to appreciate what is floating past you.

I’m Don Cameron, and we’re in the balloon factory here in Bristol - Cameron Balloons.

We do special-shaped balloons, and we can make almost any shape. Animals are most fun I suppose. We built all sorts of animals - dinosaurs and squirrels, almost everything.

It was a group of us from the gliding club who decided to build our own balloon. And we built the first modern hot-air balloon this side of the Atlantic. It was called the Bristol Belle. We started work in 1966 and didn’t finish it until the summer of 1967.

Building balloons over the years hasn’t changed a great deal. It’s still done with sewing machines. It’s still done with a light fabric.

Here you see people packing a balloon into a bag. They’re having to work quite hard to get it in there. Now, that looks like a big one - it’s quite heavy.

Anything that has a bit of bulk to it, a bit of shape, a bit of volume, we wouldn’t admit defeat on.

It’s totally different from being in an aeroplane. Flying a hot-air balloon is a kind of magical experience, but it’s hard to explain. You really have to try it.

То як, знайшли?

What were Don Cameron and his group the first to do?

They built the first modern air balloon this side of the Atlantic.

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