How do I use and control notifications?

Page updated: 5 August 2019

You can access your notifications wherever you are on the BBC website, by clicking the bell at the top of the page.


How many notifications will I get?

That depends on how many things you’ve added. The more you add, the more notifications you’ll get.

How long will my notifications stick around?

They’ll stay in your notifications panel for five days after they appear.
If your notifications panel is empty, that means there’s nothing new for you. Or you’ve turned them off from settings.

How do I control my notifications?

First open your notifications panel by clicking the bell at the top of the page. Then click the “Settings” icon and you’ll be able to turn your BBC iPlayer notifications on or off.

How to use my notifications

Can I stop notifications for a specific programme or artist?

Not yet. Right now you can only turn iPlayer or music recommendations on or off.

If I turn notifications off, will it affect the things I’ve added?

No, anything you’ve added will still be there.

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