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Một trong những trận bão mạnh nhất trong nhiều năm qua, cơn bão Megi, đã làm 13 người thiệt mạng tại Đài Loan. Các nhân viên cứu trợ tìm kiếm một nhóm người Trung Quốc bị mất tích.

Nghe toàn bài

The typhoon has left Taiwan, but the number of people dead is just beginning to rise. Thirteen bodies have been dug up from the rubble of collapsed buildings, but there are still no clear signs of a busload of Chinese tourists missing since Thursday. The 19 tourists, their tour guide and driver are believed to have been travelling on a coastal highway, when rockslides and heavy rain caused portions of the road to collapse.

More than 200 search and rescue workers continue to comb a steep mountainside and rocky coastal area for signs of the bus and its occupants. They are searching on foot, from helicopters and in vessels in the sea. Officials say the bus may have been buried under tons of mud and rocks, or washed out to sea.

In addition to the Chinese tourists, four other people are also missing, including a driver and tour guide from another bus that plunged down the side of the highway. The passengers of that bus escaped just in time.

Taiwanese officials said they will not give up any chance of finding survivors. Relatives of the Chinese tourists will be arriving from China later on Monday.

Cindy Sui, BBC News, Taipei

Nghe các từ

typhoon cơn bão lớn

rubble đống gạch ngói đổ nát

tourists du khách, khách du lịch

coastal highway đường cao tốc ven biển

continue to comb tiếp tục rà soát cẩn thận

occupants hành khách, trong trường hợp này là khách đi xe buýt

searching on foot đi bộ tìm kiếm

vessels tàu bè

plunged lao xuống (đột ngột và nhanh)

relatives thân nhân