Phần 3: Ra mắt gia đình

Image caption Kate và mẹ (hình trái); gia đình David và Jennifer (hình phải)

Nội dung bài học - Programme content

Ra mắt gia đình

Bài ba của loạt bài đặc biệt về chuyện tình hoàng gia sẽ tìm hiểu xem hai đôi William - Kate, David - Jennifer đã ra mắt gia đình của họ như thế nào.

Phần một: William và Kate

Hãy nghe bài phỏng vấn William và Kate để trả lời hai câu hỏi dưới đây:

1. What word do William and Kate both use to describe each other's families?

William và Kate đã dùng từ gì để diễn tả gia đình của nhau?

2. Does William like Kate’s parents?

William có thích ba mẹ của Kate không?

Nếu các bạn không nghe được hết lời thoại của đoạn phỏng vấn William và Kate, xin hãy chọn bảng Lời thoại và lời giải bên trên.

Phần hai: David và Jennifer

Và bây giờ, mời các bạn nghe đoạn phỏng vấn do Yang Li thực hiện giữa David và Jennifer. Trong lúc nghe, các bạn chú ý tập trung tìm thông tin để trả lời hai câu hỏi sau:

3. Where did David - unintentionally - first meet Jennifer's mum?

David đã vô tình gặp mẹ của Jennifer ở đâu?

4. What did Jennifer's mum cook which David discovered he is allergic to?

Mẹ của Jennifer đã nấu món gì mà David phát hiện mình bị dị ứng với món này?

Lời thoại và lời giải - Transcript and answer

Phần một: Phỏng vấn hoàng tử William và cô Kate Middleton

Kate: I was quite nervous about meeting William’s father, but, erm… But no, he’s very, very welcoming, and, you know, very friendly. So, yeah, I couldn’t have… it couldn’t have gone easier, really, for me, but erm…

Tom Bradby: The grandmother – the Queen. Not, again, like your average meeting with a grandmother! Was that…. You know, nervous about that too, or…?

Kate: Well, I first met her at, er, Peter and Autumn’s wedding. And again, it was in amongst a lot of other guests and she was very friendly and… No, it was… it was… Yeah, it was fine.

William: She’s very welcoming. She knew it was, um… it was, you know, it was a big day and everything was going on with Peter and Autumn and (indistinct). And she’d wanted to meet Kate for a while, so it was very nice of her to come over and say hello… and had a little chat, and they got on really well. As you know, Kate’s family, she’s got very, very close family, erm… and I get on really well with them and I’m very lucky that they’ve been so supportive. Mike and Carol have only been, you know, really, sort of loving and caring, and really fun… erm, and have been really welcoming towards me. So I felt really part of the family, and I hope Kate’s felt the same with my family.

Phần hai: Phỏng vấn David và Jennifer

David: The first time that I met, erm… er, Jenny’s mum was actually quite a funny story because we actually… We’d been on a few dates and I actually stayed over at Jenny’s house. Jenny went… in the morning Jenny went out to have a shower, and her… Jenny was living at home at the time and her mum didn’t know that I had stayed over, so her mum bowled into the bedroom expecting to see Jenny there, and obviously saw me there. And there was this very British, erm, stand-off as we both appeared to be comfortable with the situation, where both of us were clearly mortified. Erm…

Jennifer: My mum had a full-length leopard-skin night dress on as well, which really helped the whole situation!

David: So, actually the next week … we kind of chalked that up to… not our actual first official meeting. The next time we met we then pretended that we hadn’t met each other under those circumstances, and had a proper meeting where we were introduced properly and…

Jennifer: My mum made a really big effort, and we pretended that the first incident hadn’t happened, because I think my mum realised it was serious, and didn’t want that to be the first time we’d officially met. So my mum made a really big effort and made a three course meal, which David came over for. The only problem with that, erm, when he came that time was that he found out that that night he was… he’d developed an allergy to mussels. And my mum had cooked mussels for him that night so he… the second time he stayed over he needed to be very quiet while… being ill all evening.

Yang Li: That’d certainly make it a memorable day!

David: Yeah, I was gonna say, I wasn’t quite sure how to take it. I didn’t know if she was trying to poison me, but, erm… Yeah, so it was certainly eventful when we first met.

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