Phần 4: Cam kết hôn nhân

Nội dung bài học - Programme content

Trong bài bốn của loạt bài chuyện tình hoàng gia kỳ này, chúng ta sẽ bàn về đề tài ... cam kết. Đó là bước ngoặc lớn trong chuyện tình cảm giữa hai đôi lứa: Hoàng tử William và Kate, David và Jennifer.

Image caption Học tiếng Anh qua chuyện tình của hai đôi lứa: William & Kate, David & Jennifer

Phần một: William và Kate

Trước tiên, mời các bạn nghe đoạn phỏng vấn giữa hoàng tử William và cô Kate Middleton. Trong lúc nghe, các bạn tập trung tìm thông tin để trả lời hai câu hỏi sau:

1. What does Kate say couples 'go through' by going out with each other for a long time?

Kate nói gì về chuyện các đôi lứa thường "trải qua" khi hẹn hò với nhau một thời gian dài?

2. What does William say he 'got out of the way' before concentrating on his relationship with Kate?

William nói gì về chuyện mình phải "giải quyết cho xong" trước khi tập trung vào mối quan hệ của mình với Kate?

Nếu các bạn không nghe được hết lời thoại của đoạn phỏng vấn William và Kate, xin hãy chọn bảng Lời thoại và lời giải bên trên.

Phần hai: David và Jennifer

Thế còn đôi uyên ương David và Jennifer thì sao? Xin mời bạn nghe đoạn phỏng vấn do Yang Li thực hiện và trả lời hai câu hỏi sau:

3. What aspects of a relationship does David say are important to him personally?

David nói những điều gì quan trọng đối với anh ấy trong mối quan hệ giữa hai người?

4. What phrase does Jennifer use - jokingly - about the length of her commitment to David?

Jennifer dùng thành ngữ gì để vừa đùa vừa diễn tả cam kết của mình với David?

Lời thoại và lời giải - Transcript and answer

Phần một: Phỏng vấn hoàng tử William và cô Kate Middleton

William: Well, from my point of view, I… when I first met Kate I knew there was something very special about her, and that I knew that there was… there was possibly something that I wanted to explore there. But we ended up being friends for a while, and that just, sort of, was a good, sort of foundation, erm… because I do genuinely believe, now especially, that, erm, you know, being friends with, you know, one another is a massive advantage. Erm… and it just went from there, and over the years I knew things were getting better and better.

Kate: Well, I think if you… when you go out with someone for quite a long time you do get to know each other very, very well. You go through the good times, you go through the bad times, you know, both personally but also within a relationship as well. And, you know, I think if you can come out of that stronger, you know, learn, as I said, things about yourself, it’s certainly…

William: We were been planning for at least a year if not longer. It’s all about timing, and… I had my military career, and I really wanted to concentrate on my flying, and I couldn’t have done this if I was still doing my training. So I’ve got that out of the way, and Kate’s, you know, in a good place in terms of work and where she wants to be and stuff. And we just both decided now was a really good time.

Phần hai: Phỏng vấn David và Jennifer

David: It’s more of a progression, but I think I realised quite quickly that I had, you know, a special bond with her. She was potentially someone that, you know, I would like to get married to, and family, and… you know, those things are important to me personally. You know, so I think relatively quite quickly I thought that Jennifer was the one, so to speak.

Yang Li: Even by listening to you I’m very touched. How about you Jennifer? When did you realise that, ‘This is Mr Right, I’m going to spend the rest of my life with’?

Jennifer: Well, for me, I…we used to have a running joke, actually, with Dave and I, ‘cos I’d never say ‘For the rest of my life’, I’d always say to him, ‘For a very long time’. But we, quite soon after being together, talked about living with one another.

Yang Li: Why did you think about getting married?

David: For me, it was just, I felt that I was ready to take that next step, and thinking ahead in terms of children, and, you know, I wanted to make that commitment. So…

Jennifer: We’d never talked about it, we’d never talked about getting married. Erm, the only conversations we ever really started to have was children, and they were very vague conversations - more about if we’d ever have children - I think, that we started to have. And I’d never talked about it with my friends.

Yang Li: Isn’t that a little bit strange that you have never talked about marriage when you are in a relationship for so long?

Jennifer: I think so. I think I had always thought maybe that I wouldn’t end up getting married, or it wasn’t as significant to me. And I think once I got with Dave, it didn’t… I didn’t want it to be something that we spoke about, erm…because a) I didn’t know at the time how I felt about it, and secondly I thought if Dave does ask me I want it to be a surprise. But…I wasn’t sure how I felt about the actual marriage until he asked me, and then it changed my world, and how I thought about it and how I felt about it.

Giải đáp cho bốn câu hỏi trong bài

1. What does Kate say couples 'go through' by going out with each other for a long time?

The good times and the bad times.

2. What does William say he 'got out of the way' before concentrating on his relationship with Kate?

His military training.

3. What aspects of a relationship does David say are important to him personally?

Marriage and children.

4. What phrase does Jennifer use - jokingly - to say say how long she plans to commit to David for?

For a very long time.