Máy của bạn không hỗ trợ nghe xem

Chuyện của người học tiếng Anh thế giới

I love learning English because it gives me the opportunity to express my ideas to other people from different countries.

It’s important for my career. It’s an international language. I wanted to continue my education. It’s important for my business.

When I started learning English I felt frustrated and happy at the same time. I felt frustrated when I started learning grammar. That was a nightmare.

I realised that I was starting to make good progress when I started noticing my own mistakes during the conversation.

The first time I spoke to a native speaker, I was overwhelmed. It was awkward, like I’m in a movie but without translation. I felt like I am an alien and I spoke with person from another planet. I felt anxious and nervous but it was a really good experience.

I met a member of British parliament. I met my amazing girlfriend. I met my husband because I speak English.

Speaking English gives me a lot of opportunities to meet new people and more freedom if I want travel in the world; a competitive edge in my working place; the opportunity to know what’s happening all around the world and now I can do the things I want to do.