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03 Tháng 6 2005 - Cập nhật 09h42 GMT
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Thính giả Nguyễn Phát từ Hoa Kỳ gửi thư tiếng Anh
Thính giả Nguyễn Phát, San Jose, Hoa Kỳ gửi thư bằng tiếng Anh:

As I can see, the future of the Vietnamese workers is looking very dark to me. We have joined an under working class in the world. Recently, the New York Times has an extensive series about the Philippines, Indonesian, and Bangadeshi women working in Hongkong, Malaysia, Taiwan, Korea and the Gulf countries as domestic workers. They all face similar problems that the Vietnamese are facing right now. While working overseas, many of them were repeatedly exploited by their employers going for months or even years unpaid, raped, tortured, disfigured, and even came home in coffins.

Their situations back home weren't that good either. While they were away, their husbands had illecit affairs; their children abandoned to fend for themselves growing up without parents. The divorce rate is extremely high; the whole village is empty since the women are working overseas as domestic maids and the men work in cities as laborers.

All of them have had much more extensive training and support from their own governments than what the Vietnamese government right now is providing. They have training on how to use modern appliances in addition to the psychological training provided by the returnees who come in to talk about potential abuses and how to avoid them or how to contact their embassies when bad things happen. Still the situation is very dire.

As long as Vietnam remains an economically backward country, this will happen. The best solution is to have jobs for the people in their own country so they don't need to go overseas looking for work. But jobs only happen when the business and political climates improve significantly that can attract foreign investors in. And this is not happening in Vietnam. Foreign investors are scared to invest in Vietnam for fear of losing money due to corruption, lawlessness, etc. It's not like the rich countries don't care. They do care greatly because they know that unless the problems of poverty is solved in the originating countries; they would end up at their borders such as illegal people facing death and hunger in order to reach Lampedusa island in Italy or crossing illegally across the Sonora desert into the U.S.

People in the developed countries are mad as hell when confronting such suffering. It is obvious to them that the governments such as Mexico, Vietnam, etc do not intend to solve their own economic problems by providing jobs at home since it requires them to respect international business laws, respect human rights, etc. Instead they export their economic problems to other countries. It is no wonder why the U.S., Japan, and the European countries have raised these concerns about human rights for years because they know that unless the situations in third-world countries improve, they will end up with the problems on their front steps.

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Gửi trang này cho bè bạn Bản để in ra
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