A year of stunning Weather Watchers photos

13th November 2018 Last updated at 10:52

BBC Weather Watchers celebrated its third anniversary on Saturday 3 November.

Our crowd-sourcing weather photography club now has nearly 210,000 members, who between them have produced over 2.2 million reports which are used on TV forecasts, online, and across the rest of the BBC.

Here are just a few of our favourite photos from the past year. Haven't signed up yet? Click here to join.


Birds in snow
thehillman/Weather Watchers
Heavy snow at the end of last November made for some beautiful snaps. This was photographed in Aviemore, Highland, by thehillman


Sunrise in snow. Some icles overhang
Mikesnapper/Weather Watchers
Just in time for Christmas - a magical sunrise, complete with icicles and snow. Photo taken in Lower Broadheath, Worcester, by Mike


Mist over countryside
CeliMac/Weather Watchers
A sea of winter mist in Marshwood, Dorset, courtesy of CeliMac


Close up of snowflakes
York Carrie/Weather Watchers
The Beast from the East brought lots of stunning snow scenes. Among them, this photo of delicate snowflakes stood out. Photo taken in York by Carrie


Northern Lights over an island
Cumbrian stargazer/Weather Watchers
March was a good month for spotting the Northern Lights. This vibrant display over Melness in the Scottish Highlands was photographed by Cumbrian stargazer


A street during sunrise
SWJuk/Weather Watchers
An ordinary street is transformed into a sunlit paradise as the sun rises over Burnley, Lancashire. Photo by SWJuk


Storm at night over London skyline
varhol/Weather Watchers
A spectacular storm brews over London's Canary Wharf. Photo by varhol


Blueish clouds in a night sky
Paul McFarland/Weather Watchers
The start of summer meant the opportunity to catch a night cloud or two. These noctilucent clouds were spotted over Lisburn, County Antrim, by Paul


White rainbow over water
Frances/Weather Watchers
A rare white rainbow - or fogbow - brilliantly framed over boats in Oban, Argyll and Bute. Photo by Frances


A beach full of people on a bright day
Christina/Weather Watchers
Summer 2018 was the joint hottest on record. Christina captured the scene in St Ives, Cornwall, as sunseekers flocked to the coast during August


Rainbow over a house
wildswimmer/Weather Watchers
The start of the UK storm season and some brilliant photos of the Harvest Moon were some of the highlights in September - but we also loved this 'rainbow house' in Stornoway. Photo by wildswimmer


Autumnal trees by a lake
Jude/Weather Watchers
Beautiful autumn shades, captured at Coniston Water, Cumbria, by Jude