UK February warmth: why is it so warm?

26th February 2019 Last updated at 16:09
Man riding his bicycle in Folkestone, Kent on 25/2/19
The sun is out in Folkestone, Kent

It's hard to believe that a year ago Britain was about to endure the worst of the so-called Beast from the East, with widespread snow and sub-zero temperatures.

Fast forward 12 months and this record February warmth shows just how varied the UK weather can be.

The reason temperatures have been so high is the direction our air is coming from.

High pressure parked to the south east of the British Isles has been dragging warm air from Africa and the Canary Islands our way.

Temperatures are further boosted by something known as the foehn effect, when air warms as it flows down the lee side of mountains.

All of this combined with the sunshine has produced something quite remarkable for February.