Man-of-the-cloth British Reverend Pete Owen Jones found himself caught up in the giddy world of over spending.

Feeling “addicted” to money, Jones turns his back on consumerism by taking a vow of poverty.

But simply downsizing his life in a Sussex village and growing his own vegetables doesn't prove enough of a fix. The Anglican priest decides to follow the example of medieval saint Francis of Assisi and give up money entirely, in a last-ditch attempt to find fulfilment and community.

“The more money we have, the higher the walls (between us),” he says.

But Jones quickly learns “a simple life isn’t an easy life”. Chickens escape from his hand-built coop and he goes home hungry when fish evade his lure at the nearby seashore.

Even more challenging, he encounters skepticism from one of the most-loyal parishioners and he struggles with his pride as he’s forced to ask for help from the very people he’s been charged with leading.

Click ‘play’ to learn whether Jones carries it off, and whether his parishioners ever fully support him.

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