Many of us feel as if we spend our lives commuting. For Australian businessman Cillín Perera, it’s not an exaggeration. Perera, who covers hundreds of thousands of miles every year for his job, travels so much that he’s given up his apartment and is, essentially, homeless.

“I don’t really spend more than four or five days at any one time, in any one place,” said Perera, founder of Switzerland-based translation company Avilinga which provides translation, language training and testing services to companies around the world. “I live in hotels.”

To pass the time on the road, Perera photographs airports, hotel lobbies and the countryside while he is in-transit. His Instagram account, Homeless CEO, now has more than 15,700 followers.

How does Perera feel about his perpetual life on the road? Click on the arrow above to learn more. This interview with Dan Damon of BBC World Service originally appeared on the BBC World Service YouTube channel.

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