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Forget investing, hard work or the lottery is there one word that will make you rich beyond your wildest dreams?

It turns out, there very well could be.

We went to question and answer site, Quora, for the magic words readers believe make or break your chances at wealth.

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Mira Zaslove wrote that people who get rich are always both persuasive and credible. “One of the best ways to get other people to do what you want them to? […] Use the word ‘because.’”

If you want to be rich “be specific in your assertions -- many people will let you get ahead if you just ask,” she advised. Then say “that magic word ‘because” and more people are likely to say yes, she wrote, because people want a reason for doing what they are doing, which means “persuasive people are able to jump ahead and get rich.”

A high wire act?

Lawyer Brett A. Cenkus said if he had to pick one golden word it would be ‘balance.’

Cenkus said success can be more easily found by balancing different approaches than going all-in on one. “I will concede that there are people who get wealthy by working non-stop, although if that mind-set takes its toll on their personal and family relationships is that person truly ‘rich?’,” he wrote. Cenkus added he believes a rich life is a well-rounded one. “That’s just another example of the need to balance concepts/approaches/attitudes in life.”

Solitary riches

Bill Stein, a multiple sclerosis patient advocate, picked ‘single’. Stein wrote: “Don't get married. Don't have kids.“ Stein said that while you'll be wealthier, “of course, you'll be much poorer in quality of life.”

Be dependable

Entrepreneur Dakota Lim was more upbeat. She wrote “trustworthy” because she said customers seek you out to do business with you, and through word-of-mouth tell friends, relatives, acquaintances about your superior service and products. “Big money flows to anyone who is trustworthy.”

Lim wrote that when a person is trustworthy he will get more opportunities, “people will invite you into their homes, into their social network, into their business circles.” She added “People will feel at ease, comforted, and safe with you because of your trustworthy character.”

Stick to it

Parenting adviser Fred Campos chose consistency’.

“Most rich people I know personally, share one characteristic I don't find in others. They focus and do one thing very well and stick with it, almost to a fault.” Campos wrote, “I know very wealthy mechanics, without a college education, who fix cars better than anyone else and always have.”

Campos wrote that he believed most people could become an expert and wealthy in any occupation if they are “more consistent in their pursuit of excellence.”

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