The woman matching pooches and people
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It’s hard to pick the perfect rescue dog. But this New York matchmaker can find the right pooch – for a price.

Lonely and looking for love in New York City? Sarah Brasky is here to help.

While the New York-based entrepreneur won’t find you a Tinder date, for $150 she can connect you with a longer-lasting love – and save a life in the process.

As founder and director of non-profit Foster Dogs NYC, she helps people find their perfect pooch from animal shelters around the city. She’s just one of many inventing creative new careers in today’s economy.

Whether it’s guiding people on walks in the forest, matching new movers to a neighbourhood that suits their personality or prying people away from their phones, there are seemingly endless opportunities to make money by performing tasks that used to be just a regular routine in our daily lives.

Worldwide, more people than ever are taking side gigs or leaving their desk jobs entirely and striking out on their own. And many of them are creating jobs that cater to the daily doings of life that the busy among us no longer seem to have the time to manage – whether it’s a walk in the woods or finding a pet.

Watch the video above to see Sarah in action.

Video by Sebastien Vergne. Additional editing by Courtney Casatuta.

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