Inside Beijing’s immense, fantastical wedding photo studio
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Inside Beijing’s immense, fantastical wedding photo studio
An enormous warehouse attracts couples looking for the perfect shots of their upcoming nuptials. The rise of the photography industry shows a changing consumer class, reports Runze Yu.

Inside an enormous warehouse in Beijing, a thick mist billows over the moss-covered steps of an ancient temple.  A camera crew adjusts lighting and props as they prepare for their next shoot.

But this is not a movie. It’s an artificial set used by couples for their wedding photo shoots – one of more than 100 such sets in the warehouse which are booked months in advance by soon-to-wed couples looking for the perfect image to represent their nuptials.

Weddings are big business in China, but a boom in photography isn’t just confined to happy couples. According to China’s Ministry of Commerce, the country’s photography industry is now valued at 316bn yuan ($48bn) – up from 216bn yuan in 2013.

Fuelled by an increase in spending on travel and entertainment, this growing industry is creating new opportunities for savvy entrepreneurs and, some say, represents a changing consumer class.

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